Life is filled with a myriad of challenges – whether it be relationships, mental and physical health, or financial. All of these challenges help us build our spiritual muscles to grow and expand on our soul’s journey. When you’re in a pickle – it is important to remember this sutra for the Aquarian Age – There is a Way Through Every Block. This means that every challenge that comes to you contains the solution – a way out.

There is a famous story from Yogi Bhajan’s ‘teacher training’ in India when his teacher Sant Hazara Singh ordered him to climb a tree and left him there for three days.

From that experience, Yogi Bhajan learned that the tree gave him everything he needed. The tree provided small leaves to chew on that were edible so he didn’t go hungry. The split in the tree gathered water that he could drink and didn’t go thirsty. There was a strong branch to sit on so he could eliminate. He found a way to sleep on his side in baby pose and curl his legs around the tree so he wouldn’t fall out.

Yogi Bhajan says:

“… I found everything on that tree was okay… cozy. It was all hidden. Simply I had to track it down.” (11/12/1988)

If you reflect on the most challenging times in your life – you may not have had everything you wanted but you had everything you needed. In the Aquarian Age, real solutions no longer can come from the intellect and the rational mind. The ego and mind can only look to your past experiences for solutions and these won’t work any longer. Everything has changed. Now we are called more than ever to rely on and trust our intuitive voice for guidance during these times.

The best way to cultivate your intuition is to commit to a daily practice of a Kundalini Yoga meditation such as Kirtan Kriya.

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