Everywhere you look these days, you hear about the recession and  the shrinking economy.  Recession is simply money not flowing – people, businesses, banks and governments are holding on to money out of fear.

As Above, So Below

We too are in a spiritual recession. What is our spiritual currency? The Breath. The ancient yogis taught us that we are born with a fixed amount of breaths. When our breaths are used up – we are up.  It will be time for us to physically die.

Before we incarnate, GOD, Universe, Divinity (whatever word you use) gives us our breaths (currency) and says “Go down to the earth plane, have fun, pay your karmas, learn a few things, and then come back home” (Infinity). You choose how you spend your currency.

Through this recession people are learning the value of their money – and realizing they don’t need the daily $4 lattes, chocolate martinis, latest gadgets  etc.

As we value our money, we need to value our breath (prana). For example, do you waste your breath with gossip, judging others or negative habits

5 Ways You Can Streamline your Spiritual Spending.

1 Don’t waste your breaths on gossip or judging others. This negativity will come back to you like an energetic boom-a-rang.

2. Take action on your intuitive messages. For example, if you are in a movie theater and within the first five minutes know that this movie is going no where – just leave and get your money back. How many times have we regretted not listening to our intuition?

3.  Start consciously breathing, inhaling for 10 seconds, holding for 10 seconds and exhaling for 10 seconds. Better yet, go to a Kundalini Yoga class where you are reminded to connect with your breath.

4. Before participating in any activity ask yourself, is this aligned with my higher consciousness?  Start to value your energy and time as precious.

5. Connect with your breath through Meditation for a Calm Heart.



Money SOS Sadhana

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