The Full Moon this month is ramping up! Full Moons are culmination points which trigger your emotional body.

The shadow of Indifference is being illuminated for us to see.

Indifference makes us not care for our fellow human. Indifference makes us look away when someone is suffering. Indifference makes us believe that someone else will take care it. The government will deal with this. Someone will make this all better.

Indifference is rooted in selfishness without any consideration for others. Indifference is cold – it is living with a closed heart.

Indifference makes us feel powerless – this shadow says you are inadequate to create change in your life. And its paired with the shadow of inertia which keeps you overwhelmed with the millions of steps that we need to take to heal humanity.

Indifference paired with the shadow of Inertia keeps us from our humanity. 

Watch or listen to this video and how this shadow applies to your life.

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