The New Moon is in Libra today!
This energy means it is an opportunity to balance your relationships.


This means that a new lunar cycle is now beginning. You can either become a slave to these energies and be tossed about, or you can harness these energies to make the necessary adjustments. The consciousness of the Aquarian Age, no matter how uncomfortable, is only leading us back to our Authentic Selves. Also expect some surprises today and the next few days following – to shake up your routine to show you where you are out of balance.

What is This Cycle About?


5 Things you Can Do to Master this Energy:

1. Do Something Different. The old ways of doing relationships is changing. Have you noticed the way you have related to others no longer works? For example, if you are someone who does the majority of listening and very little talking in your relationships – you are going to start to become angry and irritable with this dynamic. You may blame the other person as being selfish or even want to end the relationship. Before you kick this person to the curb – reframe it as a learning experience. The Universe is showing you the relationship is out of balance, which means YOU are out of balance. You are being called to speak more and listen less. And that means being vulnerable and transparent with another person.

2. Change is an Inside Job. The Ego wants change on its own terms. This usually means, “ if only that person would change their behaviour, everything would be better”. “I am going try to change that person”. This will never work because in truth, you can never change another person. If someone’s behavior is bothering you, bring it inside you and ask yourself, “Why?” Nine times out of ten it is because they are reflecting something back to you about your relationship with your Self – your Soul. For example, back to the theme of listening; “That person never listens to me – I can’t get a word in edgewise.” Bring it inside and if people are not listenting to you – it means you are not listening to your Higher Self. It means the constant chatter of your mind will not allow the voice of your Higher Self to come through. Extreme reactions to certain behavior of others is only showing you how you treat yourself.

3. Understand Through Compassion or Misunderstand the Times. One of the 5 sutras of the Aquarian Age is, “Understand through compassion or misunderstand the times”. Compassion is one of the divine gifts of the Aquarian Age. As a humanity, we are all moving into our heart chakras and this is the true place of our connection to one another. When things seem to go wrong in your relationships – you must go right into your heart. The temptation of the Ego is to go into the head and judge the other so that the Ego can be right. Any bad behaviour by another person is really a calling out for help. Sometimes people don’t want your help and you must honor their choice. If you go into your heart, you will feel their pain and this is what it means to be compassionate. Compassion means to “suffer with” and this means to actually feel into the depths of their heart. Try this approach the next time a person is angry with you – become silent and feel your heart. Once you do this, only then can the Truth of the situation be revealed to you.

4. Connection. One of the top characteristics of the Aquarian Age is community. Your community is whoever is around you in each and every moment. The moments when you feel negative, isolated or depressed – look around you and reach out to someone, anyone. As soon as you make that connection through eye contact you will feel a shIft in your energy. Remember that most people on the planet right now are feeling lonely and isolated despite their outer appearance. When you help others you will be helped – that is divine law!

5. Rescue Remedy for your Relationships. If you are at your wits end in your relationships and healthy communicaton seems impossible – please take 8 minutes and watch this short video with a link to a meditation. It will help as you move through this new lunar cycle.



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