Banana Cleanse for Detoxification​​ – Start on the New Moon

Continue for fourteen days until the full moon.​




Removes drug deposits from the medulla. It adjusts the minerals: iron, sodium and calcium by replacing sodium with calcium. It also rebuilds worn tissues.​

How to do it:​


Drink 8oz of fresh-squeezed orange juice with the pulp. You can add honey.

One hour later, eat 3 medium-size ripe bananas.  It’s important you chew them thoroughly. Eat the white strings which cling to the peels. Immediately after eating the bananas, eat the seed from one whole cardamom pod.  The cardamom liquefies the banana and makes it easier to digest.​


Eat 3 bananas followed by the seeds of 1 cardamom pod.


Eat 3 bananas followed by the seeds of 1 cardamom pod.​


Yogi tea may be taken during the fast (see Yogi Tea for recipe).

Some people may experience irritability – become emotional or hot tempered from withdrawal of stimulants such as coffee. If this is the case, it is best to drink more orange juice and honey during the day unless you experience more serious reactions – break the fast as noted bellow.

For constipation increase your intake of cardamom to a maximum of three pods at a time.  And drink lots of hot water regularly.


On the 15 day of the moon, drink only lemon juice in warm water with honey and do not eat solid food.




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