According to the ancient yogis we have 10 yogic bodies. The first body is the soul. The soul is your very own best friend – your soul mate – where you tap into your excellence as a human being.

The soul incarnates lifetime after lifetime and leaves with the subtle body (9th yogic body) at the moment of physical death. The soul is the source of life and is already inside you waiting to be discovered in this lifetime. The Soul is your ‘essence’ – your true identity.

“This is a time of great stress. We do not talk to our soul. We have no friendship with our soul, we only have friendship with our emotions.” – Yogi Bhajan (master of Kundalini Yoga)

Here are 5 ways You can Nurture your Soul Body:

1. Listen to the Impulses of Your Soul

The soul longs only to be with the Infinite, G.O.D. the totality of the Universe. The soul body is communicating this longing to you all the time, however, the MIND interprets these impulses and gives you alternatives such as compulsive spending, eating, drugs, alcohol, sex etc. When you feel these impulses choose to do positive activities such as gardening, listening or playing music, writing, meditation, being with your pet – anything that nurtures and satisfies this longing.

2. Live From Your Heart

A simple exercise is to bring your awareness to your heart when you are about to speak to someone. Feel them first and then communicate. You will see your exchanges become more meaningful for you and the other person. With each exchange, you will feel your soul body blossom inside you. It is only when you have a loving relationship with yourself that you can truly love others.

3. Make a Long Standing Date with Your Soul

Every morning preferably before sunrise – sit in silence with yourself – breathe long and deep.  This time of the morning is when the angle of the sun to the earth is very good for meditation. Channels to the Divine are at their clearest and there is an abundance of prana (life force of the Universe).  Deeply listen to your inner guidance for the day.  Make this relationship with your soul a priority.

4. Raise Your Kundalini Energy

Cultivate a regular practice Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. All yoga works to raise your kundalini energy but Kundalini Yoga works fast!

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5. Meditation for the Soul Body

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“Your very own soul is your soul mate” – Yogi Bhajan (master of Kundalini Yoga)



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