There is no better word to describe the Aquarian Age than CHANGE. Everything is moving at a breakneck speed. You may be experiencing changes in your location, career, relationships, death, births, health or finances. To navigate through these changes we must be flexible in mind and travel light. That means you can’t drag your matching set of heavy Samonsite luggage from the past along for the ride.

Why is it so challenging to drop the past? You really try to forgive, change and move one, and yet, old thoughts, emotions, habits and desires still haunt you. Letting go of the past can sometimes feel like putting sticky paper in the garbage. Just when you think its gone ~ there it is on your shoe again.

From a yogi’s perspective, the past is nothing more than old experiences that now live as memories in the subconscious mind. The past no longer exists. It is unreality. The Subconscious Mind is a recorder and warehouse of all our actions, thoughts, feelings. It’s like being under video surveillance 24/7. Most people are not aware of their subconscious mind, because it is below the surface of the conscious mind and can drive more than 80% of our choices and reactions.

When we are unconscious – not living in the present – all of our choices are made by the subconscious mind. For example, in the past eating, sugary foods, over-working or drinking alcohol may have given you comfort. This way of coping no longer serves you, yet you are driven to repeat the habit over and over. The subconscious mind creates patterns in the neurons in the brain that we repeat again and again.

So how do we free ourselves from these tired, old habits that come from the sub-conscious mind? Intention is not enough. You need tools and technology. The most powerful way to clear and re-pattern the subconscious mind is through the technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

There will be a Global Meditation beginning Jan 11, 2011  of Kirtan Kriya.
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