“One thing you have to be more than anything else, you have to be you. Nothing less than you will work. You minus ego is always you. You with your ego is always not you. ”

– Yogi Bhajan (master of Kundalini Yoga)

Being you can be one of the easiest and most difficult things to do in the world. To be authentic is to be in Truth. Being in Truth means being honest with yourself, and where appropriate, acknowledging and expressing how you feel, your needs and your vulnerabilities. It is the ego that would have us believe we are the only ones in the world that feel lonely, sad or afraid. We are all human and share the same range of emotions whether we express them or not.

In a group, if one person speaks the truth – it is often an energetic relief for the others. When truth is expressed, it gives permission to other people to also express themselves. It takes great courage to be the first one to speak the truth – especially if people (i.e. egos) do not want to hear the truth.

Remember, the Universe is Truth so when we are aligned with truth we are aligned with the power of the Universe. Anything that is untrue will not remain – the truth eventually wins out. We are entering into the Aquarian Age and this is the AGE OF TRUTH. We will not be able to hide from others or ourselves any longer. In fact, we will become transparent to one another.

Many of us have been made to feel that we are not good enough by authority figures in our lives (parents, teachers etc) or indirectly through media and advertising. Many of us are trying to be someone else: the latest Hollywood star, sports celebrity, model, business tycoon or someone else you admire.

For example, the beauty and fitness industry thrives on the insecurities of both women and men. They send the message that we need to ‘make up’ for some lack in ourselves. They would have us believe that the perfect body (with enlarged or reduced parts) will bring us happiness and ultimate fulfillment.

The Aquarian Age teaches that we are each whole and complete unto ourselves. Happiness in the Aquarian Age requires that we be no less than authentic and truly share ourselves with one another.

5 Steps to ‘Be You’

1. Relax: you can only be you when you are relaxed in mind and body.

2. Laugh at Yourself: if you make a mistake, learn to laugh at yourself and your foibles. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

3. Accept yourself: stop judging and criticizing yourself and perceiving yourself through other people’s eyes. Let go of what other people think of you.

4. Spend some one on one quality time with yourself: get to know who you are without the distraction of others. What are the values and principles you live by? Create a Life Vision statement.

5. Stop Comparing yourself to Others: Love yourself – unabashedly. Look in the mirror each day and use loving affirmations (they really do work!). Don’t try to be someone else – Be the Best ‘You’ you can be!

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”
– Dr Seuss



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