The Aquarian Age demands that each one of us become the Leader of our Own Life.

Life is a test. Life exists to challenge us. Life pressurizes us so that we can feel our grit, our strength of Spirit.  Then we experience that ‘Wahe Guru’ moment, beyond all our self-limitations –  we feel our greatness and excellence in this lifetime.

Once we stop resisting and accept these challenges – life can be lived with ease.

There are two ways to live. The JELLYFISH way has us going wherever the current takes us – this is living by our FATE and learning through time and space. This is the hard way. A practical example of this is someone who goes to college – falls into a career and many years later develops an illness, goes into bankruptcy, or the company suddenly collapses. At this point, he feels lost and depressed and wonders how he got to this place. In hindsight, he realizes that  he chose this career for status and recognition or for the false security it could bring or for the love and approval of an authority figure.

The second is the EAGLE way – having the ability to see the bigger picture of our choices. This means being one step ahead of time and space. This is learning through the Guru – the invisible Teacher that lives within each one of us. We access this part of ourselves by opening our 3rd eye, 6th chakra and connecting to our intuition. In order to excel in our life, we need inner vision. This is making conscious choices – having the awareness that it is my EGO that wants approval and recognition of others or the false security of material wealth. When the 3rd eye is open you can see the trajectory of your choices and choices made from ego will always lead to dead end roads.

When the 3rd eye is open the new questions to ask ourselves are What does my Soul want? What is my Destiny? What is my purpose?

The best way to cultivate your Intuition is to Meditate Every Day !  You can also download a quick 3 min exercise that will balance your 6th Chakra.



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