The energy is intense right now. We are going through a profound evolutionary change in our consciousness. It is like all of humanity is going through great birthing pains. In essence – A new Human Species is being Birthed and this process can be very uncomfortable.

In our lives where do we evolve the quickest ? Where do our challenges come at us like bricks to the head – one right after the other? Where do most of our big spiritual lessons come from? Where do we pay the most karma? One answer – in our Relationships with other people. All relationships – our friends, our intimate partners, our children, our parents, our siblings, our boss, our teachers, our students. Basically everyone and anyone.

We are all merging into a state of Oneness. A state of consciousness where we experience everyone as ourself. Sounds beautiful and ideal doesn’t it ? So why is merging so painful? What doesn’t want to merge into oneness ? The EGO. And we all have one. All the great masters and avatars that walked this planet had to confront their own ego/mind. No matter how sattvic your ego has become through meditation and other practices – it will not go down easily without a fight. And this fight will come through your relationships with other people. This is the only way to clearly see your ego and it’s many attachments.  

Listen to Challenging Relationships are the FAST TRACK to EVOLUTION (mp3)



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