According to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan ( master of Kundalini Yoga), there are 7 Steps to Happiness ( Success).

1. Commitment – The ‘C’ word.

The first step to happiness and any success in your life begins with commitment – the ‘c’ word. There is a lot of fear and suspicion in our modern culture of the word ‘commitment’ and what that means to our life.

We believe that if we commit we will ‘miss out ‘ on something better, or fear that we will be betrayed by our commitment to later discover that we have made a horrible mistake. Or we just lack the personal discipline to keep our commitment. We live in an instant-gratification-super-size me—short-attention span society. Ready to drop anything and anyone at the drop of a hat when we notice the next ‘glittery shiny thing’ – the promise of something easier and better.

This an excerpt from the Book – 7 Steps to Success in the Aquarian Age which will be made available for FREE by the end of February 2009.

Want to learn more about commitment ?

Watch a video on WHY MEN CAN’T COMMIT based on yogic philosophy.



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