You may have noticed there have been a few celebrities who have committed suicide

The ancients have told us that as we come closer into the Aquarian Age more and more people would choose to leave the planet. That the energy would be unbearable for many. 

So I want to talk about the Dark Night of the Soul. The dark night of the soul is a stepping stone on the spiritual path.

This is the feeling that life has lost all meaning. Nothing makes sense anymore. There seems to be no purpose to anything. The dark night of the should is preceded by a loss. Something is taken from you. Something your ego has attached to is taken from you. This could be the death of a loved one.  A separation or divorce. A loss of job or career. The loss of your home. Money loss.  A health crisis.   Or life gives you a triple shot expresso to wake you us – a car accident, you catch your partner cheating  – someone important betrays your trust. One of the most painful things for a human to face is what was true is no longer true.

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