Each one of us is being called to go back and pick up the scattered pieces of ourselves. This is the healing that is required to recover from the Piscean age. This is the healing that is needed to heal your ancestoral line. This is the healing that is required to heal humanity. Each person carries within them a deep wound in their psyche.

5 Ways to be Gentle with Yourself through this Period of Deep Healing

Honour your Emotions

Remember that no one will give you permission to be gentle with yourself – it is your job to be gentle with yourself.This wounding will come through the astral plane the astral body or emotional body. We are evolving through our emotions. So you will be riding the emotional wave. Emotions are watery in nature and there is an ebb and flow – you will fluctuate between being emotionally triggered and feeling at peace.

Watch this Video to Learn more and link to  a simple 1 min meditation to practice for 40 days to help you let go of your attachment to the victim story.


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