This Full Moon is in the Shadow of Dissatisfaction and the Siddhi of Bliss.

Collectively this is a deep dissatisfaction with the status quo. A dissatisfaction with the institutions that have been built on fear, competition, greed and lack. They are now  are crumbling in order  to make room for the new paradigm that is now being birthed.

Personally, this shadow can make you dissatisfied with your life so much so that it drives you out into the external world to seek happiness and joy. However, this leads you through an endless cycle of seeking followed by dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfaction Robs you of Your Vitality 

Watch the video to learn more about this shadow and how you can work with these universal energies. It also includes a short Kundalini Yoga Meditation (3 mins) that you can practice to work with the shadow to reveal the gift – Vitality and Bliss.



Where in your life are you the most dissatisfied?

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