When things are not going right in your life, do you immediately  go out and throw yourself a pity party?  Do you entertain thoughts like,  Poor me – nothing works out for me? This is Hopeless ? If only things were different …

This is normal, our mind is designed to generate these kinds of victim thoughts. As humans, we live in  a low frequency field called Victim Consciousness. Victim Consciousness is believing that we have no responsibility –  that life is happening to us and we have no power to change it.  Whenever you are feeling stuck and trapped in you life  – chances are you are caught up in the net of victim consciousness.

In the Aquarian Age, we must take responsibility for our level of consciousness. An easy way to maintain your consciouness is to cultivate a daily spiritual practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

Here are some suggestions in How You Can Leave the Pity Party:


Become more aware of the thoughts your mind  generates  throughout the day.  The problem is not the victim thoughts themselves  – the problem comes when you begin to identify with these thoughts. Then you begin to feel and  act like you have no power  and this keeps you in an endless loop of suffering.


You always have a choice in each and every moment. Remind yourself  of this truth by mentally vibrating – “i am choosing to be in this job”  “i am choosing to be in this relationship”, “i am choosing to be in this meeting”. Then watch the Victim inside you leap up to argue the facts with you  Refuse to listen.

Avoid the Pity Party Competetion

In a group,  stop and ask yourself, “Is what i am about to say uplifting? Or will it launch the pity party competition?”    The competetion is about who has it worse off  – me or you?


Empowered Action

One empowered act can quickly move you out of victim consciousness.  There is nothing more empowering than walking out of a movie that you know is going nowhere. If your job brings out the victim,  do little things to take care of yourself like take frequent breaks, go outside, play yoga music in the background, practice long deep breathing.



The victim says you don’t understand my boss is a nightmare – i am trapped. The root of this is money. The victim believes whoever pays you – owns you – your time and your energy.  The Truth is no person has any power over you. God is your employer, GOD is signing your pay check – God is the source of your money – not your human boss.  If you boss fires you – then God has another plan for you and it is probably much better !




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