Even though the group agreement on the planet is that the NEW YEAR began on January 1, 2013 – this  does not mean we have completed our challenges of 2012.

A good analogy is in the  Lord of The Rings when Gandolf faces the Balrog – his worst fear.   Gandolf  stops running, turns and claims the power of LIGHT and declares “You Shall Not Pass”!  The Balrog then goes tumbling into the abyss and the job is done –  right?  No !   Gandolf turns his back to walk away and the Balrog  grabs him with his tail  to bring him down with it.  His mistake was to think his challenge was gone for good.

When Does the Official New Year Begin ?

The lesson is not to assume you are done with your challenges  because the mind has declared  it is now 2013. If you are at all sensitive to energies you know that we are still in the tail end of completion phase.

The Chinese New Year begins in Feb 10, 2013. The Human Design system states our new evolutionary cycle of the year begins when the sun is in the 41st hexagram (i-ching) – Jan 22, 2013.

We will definitely feel the energies of NEW beginnings on the New Moon – Jan 11, 2013.   Until then don’t turn your back on the challenges you faced in 2012 !

In a nutshell these challenges were to bring you out of your ego and into your Heart – not as a mental concept but as a real Experience.

What Can I Do?

Take some time in the next week or so to contemplate the unique theme of 2012 for you?

What did you lose?  Who is not with you anymore ? What stopped working for you in your life ? What lessons came up over and over again in 2012 ?

Check to make sure that you are not carrying any resentments, grudges or negativity about your losses.  Most importantly ensure that you are not carrying any residual emotions – these will keep your Heart from Opening. This will keep you from loving yourself and others.

Meditation for a Broken Heart

Here is an awesome meditation to give you a REAL  experience of your heart – it will clear any stuck emotions blocking you Heart.

Here are some other  Ideas to Purge the Past.



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