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 What’s An Indigo or Creative Rebel?

Each generation of humans has made their unique contribution to the overall evolution of humanity. Each generation builds on the one before so that we’re continually spiritually growing forward.

Indigos Are Here To Change The World

The vast number of Indigos have been born between 1980 – 1995. There are always exceptions to every rule and Indigo Scouts / Creative Rebels have been born throughout every generation paving the path for this new consciousness to come into planet Earth.

This  new generation are the great recyclers of the world.This generation (1980-1995) are now outnumbering the population of the baby boomers and as they take their place of leadership they will change our civilization for the better in ways that we can not imagine.

Indigos Didn’t Drink The Kool-Aid 

Indigos are the spiritual warriors who have incarnated with a healthy dose of self-esteem and are wired to NOT be influenced by the conditioning of the status quo. Their favourite question is, “Why?” They question what others take for granted such as staunch outdated ways of keeping society stable.

Indigos Speak Truth To Power

They are wired to feel anger especially when they see a person in a position of authority abusing their power. They have a very strong intuition and are attuned to other realms of reality. They are here to speak the truth to power and take down existing structures that no longer serve the whole of humanity. All institutions must be restructured such as the western medical system, educational, political, socio-economic, and religious. The new Aquarian Age structures that will take their place will reflect our equality as humans across the planet.

What Do Indigos Value?

Indigos do not get fooled by a person’s credentials, titles  or how much material wealth they have accumulated. They see through all the glamour to the very character of that person. What matters to the Indigo is honesty, integrity and a social conscious. There is nothing worse for an Indigo than to see a person of authority “not walking their talk”.

Indigos Want Purpose Over Pay Check

It is important for Indigos to feel that their Soul Purpose is in alignment with their work. They are no  longer content with  a stable job and pay check especially if the place of employment only cares about profits.

 How Do You Know If You Need This Program?

  • You have Something important to Contribute to the world but Don’t Know Where to Begin
  • You’re Not  Living to Your True Potential
  • Long to Be Free
  • Feel like you’re an alien that was dropped on Planet Earth
  • Can Indulge in Self-Destructive Behaviour
  • Overwhelmed Anger at times
  • Feel Obligated to Fix the Problems that you See in the World

More Information is Coming

I will be fiiling in the gaps in the next coupld of days. All information will be up by March 21, 2018


Registration Opens Feb 22, 2018. There are a limited number of people that can participate.

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