With the Solar Flares on the rise as well as Jupiter in the Sign of Cancer for a year – it is calling us to become real with our emotions. No longer can we suprress or deny our emotions. Whether you like it or not – they are rising to the surface. You may also notice that people around you are having more emotional outbursts. Our Emotional Body is activating as it is playing a very important role in the evolution of humanity, But the Emotional Body first needs to be purified – meaning all those stuck emotions from childhood need to rise to the surface. Also stuck emotions from past lives need to come to the surface to be felt and released.

There is nothing wrong with Emotions in themselves. It is when we choose to react from an emotional place where we create suffering for ourselves, family, loved ones, community and workplace. There is an ancient saying – the wounds from sword can heal but the wounds from a tongue can never heal.



Emotional Responsibility (mp3) 



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