If you are sensitive to energy, you may be feeling the prequel to what is to come in the next couple of months. 

The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter will all be in the sign of Cancer in the next couple of weeks ! Cancer is ruled by the moon which is all about our Emotions.


What does it mean?

All those buried stuck emotions from deep within the Unconscious Mind will be surfacing – whether it is convenient for you or not.  These emotions have been trapped inside you since childhood. This can be an overwhelmingly  sensitive time as fuses will be short. When we feel emotionally vulnerable,  the ego will create a wall of anger in a futile attempt to protect you from these powerful emotions.


What Can i Do During This Time?

Be Gentle with Yourself and Others

Remember we are all being impacted by these powerful energies and each person is coping in their own way. You have no idea of the battle that goes on in another person. Don’t try to push through like it’s business as usual – your number one job is love yourself unconditionally.

Maintain your Grace and Dignity

Do not react to others projections and do not project your emotional state onto others. The ego will tempt you to blame others for the way you are feeling – this is untrue. In all situations take the high road.The point of these challenges is to release these buried emotions

This Too Shall Pass

The wonderful thing about emotions is their natural state is movement – that is if you allow them a wide birth to pass through your body.  There has been a lot of stigma with the free expression of emotions – you will be battling your own conditioning. Don’t allow the MInd to talk you out of your feelings. Feelings are real – thoughts in the MInd are unreal. Commit to stay in Truth.

Be a Mind Ninja 

With the amount of pressure that we are all feeling in our lives and the volume  going up a couple of notches – it is important that you become a MIND Ninja. That is to cultivate discipline of your mind every day and this starts with meditation. If you are not in charge of your Mind it will be in charge of you and you will be led by Fear – racking up the karma.

Meditation to See Challenges in Your Life as a Blessing in Disguise 

Here is one of my Favorite Meditations to be a Mind Ninja




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