The intensity of life seems to have amped up a few notches this month.

As a humanity, we are experiencing major challenges and old ways of coping are no longer working. These challenges can be experienced as insomnia, anxiety, despair, accidents, not enough time, addictions, health crisis, relationship upsets or financial difficulties.


With all these changes, we may feel stress.   Underneath the stress is fear.  This fear is the fear of the Unknown. What’s coming next? Can I handle another change in my life?

Once you understand that fear is simply an energy –  a force – then can you transmute this energy for your soul’s journey.

5 Ways to Transmute Fear

1. Embrace the Mystery

The ancient yogis say that only 20% is known to our conscious mind and 80% is unknown to us. This 80% is what causes a lot of our fear. Embrace that 80% unknown in every situation – trust the Divine is guiding you each and every moment. Imagine yourself as a great adventurer on planet earth – a spiritual being here to have grand adventure.

2. Pranayam

One of the ten yogic bodies is called the Pranic Body. A strong Pranic Body keeps fear at bay. Consciously breathing will strengthen your Pranic Body. Slow down your breath. Inhale ten seconds. Suspend the breath for ten seconds and exhale ten seconds.

3. Take a respite from the news and negative people

Including newspapers, television and Internet. Read inspiring and uplifting books. Keep company with people who have a positive outlook on life.

4. Express Yourself

There is a misconception that we are the only ones feeling fear  and everyone else has it all together.  We all feel the same range of emotions. Be authentic with trusted people in your life – share some your worries and fears – you will be surprised how similar we all are.

5. Kundalini Yoga Meditation

When you feel overwhelmed by life – practice this meditation anywhere or anytime. You can do this in as little as three minutes.  MEDITATION TO RELIEVE FEAR. (3 MINS)



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