All the chaos we see on the planet and in our personal lives is a sign of creativity. Never before has there been this amount of  creativity on the planet. As the consciousness of the Aquarian Age draws closer and closer – the old outdated structures and systems are dissolving. Instead of holding on to what is disappearing from your life – use this opportunity to move into the position of the Artist. Your life is your canvas and your main tool is your own Mind. The mind is a high tech tool that we do not fully understand as of yet. As artists take care of their tools – you too must take control of this mind.

This flood of creativity is attempting to move through you and if you use your mind/ego to harness this energy, you will only miscreate. This means that the creations in your life become distorted and misshapen. For example, yes, you manifest a relationship but the person comes with a lot of baggage that does not serve your higher purpose or is a replica of your last relationship – different name and body but same dynamics. You see if you don’t take control of your mind – it will control you. When you become passive and go into automatic pilot,  the subconscious mind takes over and this means your Past Becomes your NEW Future. The mind and ego are only made up of your past. 

But I am Supposed to Just Let Everything Come to Me in the Aquarian Age?

Yes this is True but there is a subtle difference between Passivity and Divine Laziness.  Divine Laziness means that YOU are PRESENT in each moment consciously making choices with what Life brings to you.  Passivity means that YOU are NOT PRESENT and just on automatic not even aware you are making choices. If you are making choices you are using your mind which means you are choosing the past.

We each have come into this present incarnation with a dream to be made manifest. 

This is the time to ask your heart, ” What is my dream that i promised to manifest in this lifetime?”  Then listen closely to the answer that comes from deep within your Soul. (Hint Hint – it usually involves helping others.) The next question you may ask is, “What steps can i take right now in this moment?” Remember it is the tiny steps that we take each moment that brings us to our destination. The step may not even seem directly related to your dream and this is fine because we can not understand the Divine with our logical mind. Your job is to just follow your inner guidance.

Watch this short video with link to a Kundalini Yoga Mediation for more on this subject.

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