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To Get Through These Times

Meditation for Intution 


The most primal FEAR that we all have to face is fear of the material world. Fear for our own physical survival – it is encoded in our genes. Genetics isn’t personal – it doesn’t care if you have a cushy life – genetics is about keeping the species going. Do I have enough WATER, FOOD, SHELTER – can the human species survive?

3 Minute Meditation to Get Rid of Fear

Kundalini Meditation to Release Fear of the Future

Kundalini Yoga Meditation to Release Fear (Full 11 Minute Version with Guided Meditation)

Kundalini Yoga Meditation to Release Fear (3 Minutes with Guided Meditation)


With the flood of the powerful energies on the planet – especially with the solar flares –you may be feeling the intensity of your emotions lately – especially anger.

Anger isn’t necessarily a bad thing– in fact Yogi Bhajan said it would be impossible to digest your food without the energy of anger.

If you are Feeling Angry – Calm Yourself Down with One Yogic Technique

Release Childhood Anger with 11 Minute Meditation


3 Minute Kundalini Meditation to Prevent Freaking Out

Center Into Yourself – Download Mobile Phone Video Version

Center Into Yourself – Download mp3 Audio Version

Meditation to Stay Connected to Your Higher Self

Kundalini Meditation to Do When Nothing Else Works – Full 11 Minutes

1 Minute Kundalini Meditation for Grounding

Drop Your Worries with 3 Minute Kundalini Meditation

Meditation for Emotional Balance


Prosperity Meditation – Let the Higher Self Take Care of Everything


10 Steps to Peace Meditation

Meditation to Experience Zero Point – Shunyia

Meditation to Not Take on Negative Energy

Kundalini Meditation to Bless the World with Peace and Love – 11 Minutes


Meditation for Self Value

3 Minute Meditation to Release Self – Hatred

Kundalini Meditation to Experience Your Original Self


Kundalini Meditation for Depression

Meditation for a Broken Heart

Meditation for Cold Depression – 11 Minutes

Meditation to Release Grief


Meditation for the Divine Mother

Meditation to Restore Your Faith

Meditation to be in Truth

Letting Go of the Past

Meditation to Balance Impulsive Behaviors and Addictions

Meditation to Control Your Mind

Kundalini Meditation for Kindness

Kundalini Meditation for Kindness – 11 Minutes

Kundalini Meditation to Remove Blocks – Mandhavani Kriya

Kundalini Meditation to Heal the 5th (Throat) Chakra 

How to Trust With Full 11 Minute Meditation

Meditation for Atomic Radiation –  11 Minute Kundalini Yoga Meditation

Meditation to Clear Karma


Meditation for Family Holidays – 3 Minutes


Kundalini Meditation for a Solar Eclipse – Full 11 Minutes

Kundalini Meditation to Offset Mercury Retrograde

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