Love Being Yourself

In this NEW Aquarian Age, we MUST LOVE ourselves. Nothing else will work. In fact, the loss you are feeling in your life is the Universe ripping away that which is NOT you. The more you become comfortable in your own skin, the more the Universe will deliver to you that which is aligned with the real YOU.

The greatest gift you can give to the world is to LOVE YOURSELF. 

Each one of us is connected  to each other in the subtle realms. So when one person loves herself unconditionally – it raises the field of human consciousness. This makes it easier for other humans to reach this state of love.

 Why is it so hard to just be myself?

The Truth is we live in a world of imposters. We live in a world where the majority of the people on the planet are not truly being themselves. This frequency permeates the planet – like a bad smell – and since we are all energetically connected – it makes it very challenging to be one’s Authentic Self. Watch this video to learn what it takes to  be yourself.

How to change your life? Easy! Change your thinking.

In the Aquarian Age we are being called to take full responsibility for our own consciousness. If we are in a bad mood and think thoughts like, “The world is horrible, my life is stuck, no money is coming to me, no healthy relationships are coming to me”, then these low frequency  thoughts get sent out to the field of human consciousness and magnetize more victim thoughts to you –  compliments of the human collective. Watch the video to learn more.

How to heal our deepest wounds.

Each one of us is being called to go back and pick up the scattered pieces of ourselves. This is the healing that is required to recover from the Piscean Age. This is the healing that is needed to heal your ancestoral line. This is the healing that is required to heal humanity. Each person carries within them a deep wound in their psyche.  Watch the video to learn 5 Ways to be Gentle with Yourself Through Deep Healing.

How to deal with emotional triggers

Emotional triggers can make you feel angry, sad or depressed. Somebody says something or does something that sets you off and you react by saying something snarky, or you withdraw into yourself. Watch this video to Learn How to Love Yourself Through an Emotional Trigger

Why am I still single?

If you are single, the mind and ego want you to do something about it, such as improve yourself, buy a new dress, do online dating and go to boring parties so you can meet someone. The ego creates a sense of urgency that creates fear that you will always be alone for the rest of your life. Watch this short video to spiritually learn why your soul wants you to be alone at this time in your life.


More Coming …

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