The Full Moon on October 24th falls in the Shadow pattern of Chaos

Chaos always precedes great change. This Full Moon indicates profound change coming from deep inside the collective unconscious of humanity.

Change is not coming from outside of us – it’s coming from the inside – within our DNA.  Remember we are evolving into a whole new species for the Aquarian Age.

With these shadow patterns, we are being liberated from the limitations of our ancestral past.

What happens when this shadow starts to lift?

If we are unconscious – we can react with violence, argumentation, division, and separation. Chaos makes us feel out of control with so many uncertainties.

The shadow of chaos has us following fear instead of surrender into the Unknown.

Divine Equation 

The more Fear we hold in our bodies – the more likely we will listen to our Ego.

The less Fear we hold in our bodies – the easier it is to listen to our Soul.

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