Today, August 20, 2013 the Full Moon is in Aquarius opposing the Sun in Leo.


Energies to Expect – a time of Inner Conflict 

The full moon is the culmination of what was planted at the time of the New Moon (Aug 6). Look at the themes that have been coming up for you during the last couple of weeks as we have all been focused on our own personal needs separate from those of others. Perhaps you are getting clear about what you desire for your life – where you want to work or live, who you want in your life and opening up to different ways of living your life. When we experience hardship and struggle – it is a Divine opportunity to get clear on our values.

Now the moon moves into Aquarius and the awareness comes that there are other people on the planet too.  The archetype of Leo is all about the actualizing the self – the healthy ego. Aquarius is about individuality but is also about the group. With these two opposing archetypes can come the ancient fear of being kicked out of the tribe. These fears live deeply buried within the human collective unconscious. Historically, when one was kicked out of the tribe it meant certain death  – it was unlikely one could  survive on their own. The Aquarian Age Consciousness demands that you become yourself in this lifetime and with this comes these ancient fears to be faced  – it’s a package deal.

 Can i Be My Authentic Self and be Part of a Group ?

The inner conflict that will come is the conflict between being myself and honouring my unique needs versus the expectations of the group. Your group or tribe could be your family, work place, friends, religious organization, or sports team. The ego will tell you one of two things –  “No this conflict can not be resolved – leave the group and it is better to isolate”  or  “Stay in the group, tow the party line and hide by not expressing who you are”.  Remember the unhealthy ego does not want you to be who you are and will say anything in its power to keep you hidden even to yourself.

How Can i resolve this Conflict ?

Remember that the energy of the Aquarian Age is working on your behalf so the  risk in being yourself is minimal. 

It starts with the inner you. You must value your needs and who you are even if it looks like everyone else is saying or doing something that is completely different. If you are shaky in this department then the people around you will reflect this back to you.

Push yourself when appropriate by making small steps – speaking the Truth as you see it within a group.

To be yourself strengthens the fabric of any group. At a Soul level everyone you meet wants you to be yourself even if they are rejecting you! When someone or a group is rejecting who you are – it just means the Universe is nudging you to move on to the people in your fractal line. Those are the people you are destined to meet in this incarnation – the people who will celebrate your uniqueness and not fear it.

Commit to Yourself

The Sun right now is in the 29th Hexagram (the Abysmal) which is about commitment. It is time for you to commit to yourself and to trust your desires. Commitment does not always require huge effort on your part. Commitment is surrendering to your Self – to your Soul. Commitment is bringing your whole self into whatever you are doing –  even if the activity seems unrelated to your goals. This act in itself will create a ripple effect in your energy field and will draw to you the forces that are correct for you.


Meditation to Love and Accept all Parts of Yourself








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