Well the battle between light and dark is on! We’re in it!  As we come closer to the Aquarian Age (Light)  the Piscean Consciousness (Dark) seems to be getting stronger especially now with the threat of WWIII.

Sorry to not get all “unicorn and rainbows” on you in this e-mail  but we must look under the rock to get a clear view of the greeblies that have been running this world. The Piscean Age was all about the accumulation of power and money using destructive means. The ultimate destruction for power and money is war. The ugliness of this Piscean Consciousness is that war is big business – the destruction of many innocent lives which materially profits a few. Remember that we are on the brink of  a huge quantum leap in our human evolution and the Aquarian Consciousness can not be stopped but not without a battle. So before you go into thoughts of how can GOD let this happen to us? Let’s explore it deeper.

DNA Shapes Our Reality 

Scientists have now proven that emotions shape our DNA and in turn our DNA shapes our physical reality. (i talk about this in my latest video).  In a nutshell, when you feel emotions such as fear, anger, depression your DNA constricts which creates more separation from our divinity out in  the world. When you feel emotions like peace and love – your DNA expands and you create more harmony and unity out in the world. Do you think that the Piscean Consciousness does not know this?  This is why we are being fed a barrage of images and stories that elicit negative emotions like fear, anger, despair and depression. This is the propaganda of fear to keep us feeling overwhelmed and powerless –  afraid of one another and to remain in the illusion of separation.

What to Do to Move these Times?

Your ultimate control right now is how you respond to your life. If you react and vibrate with negative emotions then the darkness wins.  We get the same old same old. If you respond and vibrate with love and peace then the light wins. Each moment you have a choice – are you on the side of light or are you on the side of dark? It’s really choice time. Commit or not.

The Piscean Age question is, “How do i get security?”  Typical answer has to do with with money –  make more money, hoard money, stay in an unhealthy relationship or job. The ego will tell you that money will give you security but it’s not real.  No matter how much money you have  – you will worry about it.

The Aquarian Age question is, “How do i serve the whole of humanity with my gifts”? This is where your real security lies – because every cell in your body feels secure in your divining nature. This is the reason why you are here on this planet. Your Purpose is what you are really seeking right now.

So change your question from “How do i get more security?” to “How do i serve humanity?”

Remember a true spiritual warrior fights for the heart. So if you feel intuitively to make a stand for the light in the form of protest, rallies or other gatherings then know you are on the winning side. You can also pray for peace and harmony for all sentient beings and this frequency will return to you. The best way to spread peace is to help another person in fear   who crosses your path. The Aquarian Age is a two by two enlightenment package – it will be the end of the individual as we know it. So start putting this consciousness in practice.

I just recorded a video that explains our deepest human wound that is surfacing right now to be healed. Please Watch below  o listen to it for more clarity.

Also Healing the Inner Child programs starts in one week. Why is it critical to heal our inner child?

Your Inner Child is the Guardian to the Doorway into the Aquarian Age!



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