No one ever wants to be the victim, yet if you look deeply into the dark recesses of your mind you will find this Archetypal Energy lurking and waiting to sabotage your Soul’s evolution. If you are a human, then you have this energy that you must transmute to enter into the Age of Aquarius.


It’s time for a Victim Cleanse. We are obsessed with cleansing the physical body – why not cleanse  the Mind that is really clogging your life up with negativity and waste?

Here are 5 Ways to Cleanse the Victim Out of Your System 

Don’t Feed the Victim

Don’t seek out stories that places someone as the victim and someone else as the abuser. Stories such as,  “How to Know If He Is a Psychopath”, “How to Identify a Narcissist” or  “How to Spot a Sociopath”.  Facebook is littered with these types of posts. The Victim loves these stories. Put them under one root and call them, “ Keep-My-Victim-Alive-Live-In-Fear-Of-Other-People’s-Stories”

Take Responsibility 

In the Aquarian Age we must become Spiritual Adults and this means taking responsibility for our creations. If there is something or someone in your life – a part of you wants it there.  Even if you consciously don’t want it – your Victim is choosing for it to be there. Usually there is some sort of pay-off for the Victim to have it there. Hint –  the answer has to do with not living your Higher Purpose.

Move Out of Lack

The yummiest junk food binge for the Victim is, “There’s no money”, or “I can’t afford that – it’s too expensive”.  How many times has the Victim stopped you from stretching yourself through these excuses? Again, if there is a lack in your life – then you want it there. The Universe is Abundant and the Victim keeps you from realizing this Spiritual Truth.

Is your Victim fighting with you yet? Good – Keep reading this article which includes a  short yogic exercise. Better yet, watch the Youtube video (below article) and practice it with me.

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Stand Out and Drop the Victim Nonsense

Imagine if the Great Masters such as Jesus, Krishna, Guru Nanak, Buddha, or Ramana Maharishi all listened to their Victim: “I have no power – who me?  Don’t look to me for any help. I am just like you.” It’s like you are with a group of people and everyone is lost and you are the one with the GPS. But you are trying to throw it out the window: “Look, I don’t know where we are either.” This is what the Victim is telling you to do – stay small – stay in the illusion of who you think you are. It’s ridiculous.

Yogic Exercise for Empowerment

Inhale deeply and imagine the word “Victory” in your third eye.

Exhale all the air out and imagine the word “Victim” leaving you.

(3 mins.)

In Closing

As you go on a Victim Cleanse  – watch your posture change – watch your relationships change – watch your life change. This Power that you will feel does not come from the EGO – it comes from the Divine – this is the true meaning of Empowerment.

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