The most primal FEAR that we all have to face is fear of the material world. Fear of our own physical survival – it is encoded in our genes. Genetics isn’t personal – it doesn’t care about if you having a cushy life – genetics is about keeping the species going. Do I have enough WATER, FOOD, SHELTER – can the human species survive?

You have 2 choices: Deal with your fear internally – energetically through meditation and deep self awareness and surrender and learn through your own inner teacher, or manifest your fears into the 3D world and learn your lesson through time and space. Both will work – the time and space method will take longer and may be more painful.

We are at a point in our evolution where we are transcending this fear of the material world. We have not been born during this time and space to be afraid – we have not been born to live our life in fear – we have not been born to make choices in fear – we have not been born to destroy one another. We have not been born to be dominated and enslaved by the ego and mind. We are born to be free and to create. We have been born to love – to manifest a new world – to bring heaven to earth.

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