Full Moon On Steroids

January 31, 2018 we have a North Node Total Lunar Eclipse. This is when the sun, earth and moon all align in the sky and the moon passes directly behind the Earth to disappear into its shadow. This is called a Super Full Moon Eclipse.

 Its a super moon, blood moon and blue moon. An event like this hasn’t happened in 150 years. 

This Full moon Is in the shadow of forgetting and the gift of mindfulness. This pattern is also a stop codon which is about taking pause before moving forward.

So we are being told to stop and retreat. If we are climbing a mountain then we are at a plateau being shown to rest, check our map and look down to see how far we’ve traveled. This is a time to reflect on our past from a detached place.

Think of everything that has happened to you since 2012? Are you starting to see a pattern that is emerging? If you are the main character in a book what is the theme of your story? 

Watch the video below to learn more and leave your comments:


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