The 14th hexagram of the i-ching recently moved into the position of the Sun which is in Scorpio. Just s the planets move in orbit so too do the 64 hexagrams of the i-ching. To study these ancient systems are blessed opportunities to consciously use this energy for your own growth and evolution. That old saying “Don’t push the river“ applies now more than ever. This evolutionary energy is really about a deep purification of the unconscious – releasing what’s not you – letting go of what is no longer serving you – negative addictions and habits,  letting go of all the illusions of separation.

You can be experiencing a lot of issues around survival this week – more than usual . I need more money – i need to feel secure on the material plane. I need a relationship so that i can feel secure. I need something outside of myself to feel secure. This can be experienced as mental anxiety – free floating fear – an inability to relax and trust. You need to understand that we are in a time where we are becoming Free – it is Freedom from the Known.

The theme for this week is the work you do – watch the above video to learn more.



Money SOS Sadhana

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