Jupiter spends on average one year in each sign of the zodiac. When Jupiter moves we all feel it! And Jupiter is in the shadow pattern of corruption – sound familiar? On the collective stage we have seen corruption in politics, business and religion. 

We are basically one big broadcast dish of energies and Corruption is when our energy becomes distorted by the lower frequency of fear.

Jupiter is in the sign of Libra only one more week so look to your relationships. We’ve been working on letting go imbalances within our relationships for the last 12 months. Is there an equal balance of giving and receiving? Are you willing to make compromises in your relationships without becoming a doormat? Are you surrounded by people who value you? Do you give too much and receive too little?

This week get clear on what you want in all of your relationships. And then strive to embody these qualities. So if you want attract relationships where you feel safe to talk honestly about your feelings without judgement.  Then you provide a safe accepting space for others to talk about their feelings. As you give so you shall receive.

Here’s my Latest  Video Log

I talk about the spiritual law of giving and receiving. Also the different types of giving that reap different results. Do you give and give and yet your bank account is low and when you need support – no one is around? Well you just need a tweak – watch the video to learn more.

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