You hear the word surrender thrown about in many spiritual circles. It’s the answer that is often thoughtlessly given to any problem – “Just surrender to the Divine”.

how to surrender

Surrender Versus Resignation? 

What is the frequency behind this word surrender? Let’s start by exploring what it is not. Most people confuse surrender with resignation. This is the ego’s version of surrender – to give up – to lose – a weakness. Resignation is to believe begrudgingly that nothing will ever change so give up trying. Resignation is to lose all hope. Resignation is to lose  faith in yourself, the Divine and all of  humanity. Underneath resignation is depression, anger and fear. This fear leads to indifference – a shutting down of the heart. Resignation is deeply disempowering to the self and it exhausts your energy. In this time in our human history we are in danger of falling into a mass indifference to our life events.

What is Surrender?

Surrender is to place your complete trust in a natural intelligence that is guiding you through time and space.  It takes great strength and courage to surrender your life over the Divine. The Aquarian Age is demanding that we shift our authority from the mind over to our Soul.  All the pressure you are feeling in your life is guiding you to this important step.

For example, if you are presently unemployed and no job or money seems to be on the horizon. Can you give this challenge to the Divine? Can you trust that whatever is happening in your life is perfect and true for you. Can you sit with your fear, anger and frustration and still trust? Can you watch your worrisome mind and still smile? Can you trust that the Divine will not allow you to go without what you need.

5 Benefits to Surrender

Surrender allows your body to relax. It brings you back to your original state of openness and relaxation. Your body relaxes when your mind relaxes. Each of the trillions of cells in your body will expand with light thereby bringing you a sense of wellbeing.

Surrender brings ease into your life. The ego loves struggle, drama and hardship and will always point you in that direction. Surrender guides you to the easiest and most efficient way forward.

Surrender gives your angels and guides something to do. We are all gifted with divine support on the other side of the veil but we have to ask. The ego is much too proud to ask for support. Start to ask your angels and guides for support in your life from the little upsets to the big upsets.

Surrender invites Grace into your life. As you begin to surrender more and more in your life. You will begin to see Grace at work. Grace is a subtle force like the hand of GOD behind all your life experiences. When we are caught up in our EGO we do not experience this Grace – we believe that we are alone and must do everything ourselves.

Surrender puts you in an elevated state of consciousness. This is what is meant to be in the world but not of the world. It’s like the DIVINE puts a magical cloak on you and things that you used to bother you don’t get near you. Surrender puts you in an optimistic frame of mind because your faith in the Divine is fortified. Feel good endorphins will start to release so that you can truly live with an open loving heart.

Are you sold on the power of surrender? Write down your comments or your challenges and victories with Surrender.

Meanwhile here is a link to a kundalini yoga meditation help the mind and body to relax into a state of surrender by releasing fear.








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