This full Moon in Virgo will illuminate all the ways in which you make yourself small. This full Moon energy is supporting you to see these dynamics so that you can see them and let go to make different choices.

The Sabian symbol for this full Moon is Two Guardian Angels Bringing Protection. When you finally raise the white flag and surrender all of your efforting and striving – divine intervention in terms of resources is guaranteed. Good news for you if you’re able to trust and surrender your troubles to the Infinite.

How do you make yourself small?

No it isn’t starving yourself. This means to energetically make yourself small.

  • Hiding behind a belief system, a religion or a philosophy
  • Hiding behind your partner
  • Not speaking up for yourself
  • Not asserting yourself or not setting boundaries
  • Believing that to be truly yourself is so shameful that you cannot possibly reveal this to anyone, including yourself

To remain small is to be dishonest. Dishonesty is a huge theme for this full Moon. Dishonesty, in a nutshell, is to buy into the Ego’s evaluation of you.

Watch this video to learn more, including a meditation to help you move through this energy of great change.



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