The New Cycle of Human Experience began on  January 21/17 and was kicked off by millions of women and men gathering all around global calling for Equality. In 2017 we are collectively transmuting the shadow pattern of Inequality from our DNA. So we’ve started off with a bang! Click to see what else is in store for 2017 in case you missed it the video. 

Our relationships to one another are becoming more and more important on our Spiritual Journey. Collectively, we need to create harmony with one another so that we can work together to create a new earth for the Aquarian Age. Yes, trying to get 7 billion people to get along is overwhelming but we can start with our personal relationships right now!

How to Bring Equality Into Your Relationships

Here is a video that points out why achieving  harmony in human relationships is so difficult. What is the true obstacle that keeps peace from entering our relationships. And one thing you can do right now to shift your relationships.  Please Leave Your Comments Below:




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