how to deal with disillusionment

It’s normal to feel disillusioned by the recent global events. It seems that it’s one thing after another with all the corruption, lies, violence and destruction in the news. 

The Ego’s Temptation

I recently spent a week in a big city – over 4 million people. Cities are not my favorite places but for some reason the Divine placed me there to have an experience. I was dealing with an internal infection and needed medical attention so my energy was low and I could feel my consciousness shifting to a negative space. I saw humans being cruel and uncaring to one another. I saw egos clashing with other egos and I couldn’t see the Light anywhere. I could feel my ego so close and wanting to take over with its (mis)guidance, “ If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” “Give back what they are giving you and just escape.”  In a moment of overwhelm, I closed my eyes and prayed. I prayed to see this situation in Truth. And with a snap of a finger, I received the information. These people were suppressing great pain and reacting to this pain through the ego. At one level I was feeling their supressed pain and my mind was confused by their unkind actions. The other bit of information that came through was to double down on my sadhana  practice. My energy was down and it’s my responsibility to get it up again.  As soon as I practiced another meditation, I felt my heart and my perception shift and I could see reality again. Sometimes we need more than just our morning sadhana practice – we need to use the technology during our days too.

Is the Darkness Winning Over the Light? 

The Truth is that we are in  the process of a deep healing and purification of the collective unconscious of humanity. Healing is not pretty, tidy or nice, as all the dark areas of the human psyche are being revealed. The darkness has no power. It’s like when you unplug your laptop and it’s running on battery. It is only a matter of time when you have to plug in again. Well this old consciousness cannot plug in anywhere – it’s been stripped of it’s power – so it’s simply a matter of time until it dies.

Become the Holy Witness

So we watch – we become the Holy Witness of this consciousness dying. We witness, but not with a closed heart or a lack of compassion for our fellow man. We feel all that we see and we act when the spirit guides us. Instead of focusing on the dark –bring your attention to the Light that is already here – that wants expression through you. If you are surrounded by the dark – be the Light. If you are surrounded by cruelty – be kind. If you are surrounded by fear – be love. Do not underestimate how important this is for your fellow humans to be reminded of their divinity by watching you. A small spark inside them will be rekindled through the power of your presence.

When disillusionment arises, the temptation is to just shut down and withdrawal into yourself. Or become angry and blame the perpetrators, the bullies, the ones that seem to be wielding the power. Both these approaches come from the ego and will get you nowhere. This is NOT the time to shut down by getting angry; you are shutting down your sensitivity. By withdrawing into your mind, you are shutting down your sensitivity.

When You Feel Overwhelmed by Life and Disillusioned

  • Stop, breathe and ask your Divine Self for guidance
  • Pray to know the Truth
  • FEEL your feelings, whether that is anger, sadness or fear
  • Talk to someone you trust about how you are feeling
  • Practice a Kundalini Yoga Meditation to get yourself together again and raise your Consciousness

Your Work 

The work for you is to walk this Earth vibrating  peace, love and harmony. Your work is to be a living example of Truth – to be the someone who lives not from the ego but from her/his Soul. This is not an easy task that is being asked of you but you have the tools to succeed. Your real sadhana is living your life in Truth.

Here is a meditation to practice when you are in the depths of disillusionment and despair.

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