We Can’t Hide Our Emotions Any Longer

Violence seems to be escalating in the world right now and he big news in the collective this past week has been the mass shootings in the USA.

We are moving closer into the Aquarian Age and this means that our sensitivity is increasing. People can’t supress their emotions any longer  and  this means anger, sadness, depression , anxiety and fear are surfacing on the planet. When people  are unconscious, they react to these emotions and their behaviour becomes erratic.

The World is Saturated in Shadow

This world is saturated in the shadow frequency, a low frequney energy that is made up of  FEAR. So imagine you are a fish and the water that you live in is FEAR. That’s all you know – sometimes the fear is intense – sometimes you don’t feel it at all but its always present. Maybe you jumped out of the water a few times in your life  and felt peace and joy but only for brief moments.

The World of Maya Depends On Fear 

Our whole world is designed to keep us emanating fear. The Fear pool that we live in  is coming from each one of us.  Look at our mainstream  media – only the most negative things in the world are covered. There is always an enemy – someone or something hat we need to protect ourselves from whether that is the Russians, North Koreans, terrorists, murders, abductors, thieves or  charlatans. The message is that the world is a dangerous place so you better keep small, follow the rules and  stay in your own little world.

Energetically How Does Fear Work ?

Watch or listen to this video to learn about how fear works and how you can escape this frequency to  live in freedom from emotions.


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