How to Prepare for Galactic Center – Dec 21 – 23 , 2012

We are now reaching the end of a 26,000 cycle when our planet is in a

Geometric Alignment with the  Galactic Center of the Universe. You may be feeling battle weary from all the challenges in 2012 – like Frodo making the climb to Mount Doom !  We’re almost there !

There has been conflicting information from indigenous cultures on the exact time of the alignment.  It is safe to say that it will be a three day process from Dec 21 – 23rd, 2012. We can expect great waves of unseen light penetrating our planet and our electromagnetic field to awaken our DNA which means a mass shift in consciousness.  This is not the end – it is the beginning – a process that reaches its next peak in 2027.

How Can I Prepare?

You have been preparing for this moment since 1991!  You have been preparing for this moment throughout many of your lifetimes.  However, here are some things to focus on for these three days.

Grief and Loss

Many of us have experienced great loss in 2012. We have experienced death of loved ones, relationship endings, career and business endings, financial loss, and health scares. Your long held Self-Concept that you believed was YOU  is probably in the death throes.  Take time to honor this loss and allow yourself to grieve – feel that trapped emotion in your lungs move – have a good cry – the tears are healing. You are not only letting go of memories but expectations of a future that will never be.

Ancient Fears

Through the powerful energies of 2012  – ancient fears from many lifetimes buried deep within your Unconscious Mind have come up to be released. You have probably faced your worst fears – your shadows in 2012.  This immense energy has overwhelmed your ego so that you could experience a deeper space of surrender to your Higher Consciousness. Continue to release these fears by FEELING them and not giving them any power – you are an immortal being and they are illusions.

Forgive and Live in a State of Love

It is most important for you to forgive anyone you have perceived as harming you in some way – commit to not keeping these stories alive.  Forgive yourself for any harm you have inflicted on others – use the power of grace to undo any damage in this regard.  For these three days keep your thoughts pure and feel a sense of peace and love.  Negativity may come up but choose not to focus on it.  Actors only come on stage when the audience is seated – don’t be the audience  to  any negativity and it will dissolve. Keep your awareness in your heart chakra ( the center of your chest) and become receptive to the energies that will pour in and sending out love to the planet.

Cleansing the Physical  Body

You may want to  fast for these three days with the Master Cleanse

Created by Stanley Burroughs

1 quart of purified water

1 shaved lemon (save as much of the

white pith as possible)

1 – 2 Tablespoons Grade B Maple Syrup

(depending on how sweet you like it)

1 pinch of cayenne (go easy if you are

sensitive to spicy food)

Place all ingredients in a blender and

blend for 20-40 seconds. No straining nec-

essary. Sip the master cleanse through-

out the day or instead of breakfast. You

can drink the Master Cleanse daily for

an extended period of time


Crystals are here to assist us in this transformation. Here are a few recommendations by Diane Cooper:

Calcite (any colour) which will help to open your Stellar Gateway chakra.

Selenite which will work with your Soul Star.

Kyanite, which will help to re-align your mind and brain for the higher energy.

Haematite, which will help bring the divine energies into your blood stream, so that it spreads through you

Meditation and Prayer

Spend these days in silent prayer and meditation. Blessing the world with peace, love and healing.

Here is a great Kundalini Yoga meditation to practice to Bless the World using the healing Mantra – Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung

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