The New Moon is October 30, 2016 at 1:38 PM (EST) The sabian symbol for this NEW MOON In Scorpio is “Divers of the Deep Sea are Being Lowered into the Waters”.

An ominous image that points to delving deep into the subconscious and unconscious  mind. The subconscious mind  is your personal recorder and storehouse of all your memories – from this lifetime and past lives.  Often we don’t realize how this part of our mind is driving our experiences here on planet earth. Have you noticed those repeating themes in your life? Attracting the same people over and over to you. They may have different names and bodies but basically they are basically the same person? The same money problems that won’t go away? The same complaints about your relationships? This is the subconscious mind attempting  to clear itself out of stuck memories and emotional baggage from your past.

Go Deep or Go Home

This moon cycle calls us to go deeper into our life experiences. The technological age has brought humanity many gifts but it also brought shadows as well.  Technology keeps us distracted and skidding the surface of life. We live in a world that provides us quick fixes to deep rooted problems. We falsely believe that we have nothing to do with creating our reality.  A perfect example is the upcoming US presidential election. The human collective focuses  on the throwing stones at the people who are found to be corrupt and dishonest. The Universe is a one big mirror that is reflecting what is going on in the unconscious mind of humanity.  So to judge others as corrupt and dishonest  is like punching a mirror. Who get’s hurt? Only you. The ones who are the most vehement in their judgement are the same ones who possess the same quality as their target. Have you noticed that about your partner or a close friend? When you listen to them complain about someone else  – you notice that they do the exact same thing but they are not aware of it.


We are living in insane times that are calling us to go inward to our Divine Nature. This is how we stay sane and centered during this chaos. You can no longer find security in the external world. Reach for your Deeper Being where it is peaceful.  To do you part to change and heal the world means that you have to take responsibility for your own shadows. This takes self-awareness and a deep humility to the Infinite.

Watch this video to learn more which links up to a Kundalini Yoga Meditation to help move through these times. Please Leave your Comments and Share.




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