saving money in the recession

There is a lot of fear in the world right now regarding the global shifting economy.

The News is filled with stories about people losing their jobs, businesses closing, and even our US neighbors losing their homes.

Yes, we are entering into an uncertain future. We are entering into the Aquarian Age and the old Piscean ways have to crumble to make way for this New Age. As a humanity we are in the middle of a very important spiritual lesson about our unhealthy attachment to the material world.

Remember one of the 5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age:

Understand Through Compassion or You Will Misunderstand the Times.

This sutra is about learning and acting from the heart. This is about people coming together in these times to help each other out. The Piscean motto, What’s In it For Me is being replaced with the Aquarian motto, How can my Actions Benefit the Whole?

Some examples of this sutra are:

* Coworkers take a pay cut to prevent others from being laid off
* CEOs willingly take salary cuts to keep their employees
* People forming intentional communities to share resources & support

Perhaps, you too can think of ways to help out your neigbour to move through these challenging times !

Meanwhile, please find money saving ideas below to stabalize the root chakra.

Garage Sales and Craigslist – Stop buying new and check out garage sales and your local Craigslist. Not only are you buying second hand which is way better for the environment, you are directly helping local families too and they will be greatly

Barter – Do you have a skill or a service you can barter for goods? Perhaps you can trade web design, carpentry work, knitting or tailor work, babysitting, food from your garden…anything you can think of…use your skills to trade with other like minded families. Look for local bartering groups or start one on Yahoo Groups if there aren’t any.

Swap – Local groups and online groups designed to help moms swap clothes and household goods are getting more popular. You can even host a swap party for friends and neighbors. Have everyone bring a couple bags or bins of clothes their kids have outgrown and let everyone start swapping.

Get cooperative with your community – Starting or participating in a community garden is a great way to help feed your family and get community support. You can also volunteer to work for local CSAs who will then give you a discount on fresh produce and this can be very helpful if food is taking a big bite out of your budget. And whenever you can buy from your local farmers and farmer’s markets.

More cost saving ideas.



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