People ask, “How Do i Trust? How do i Trust Life?”   If it is your EGO asking this question – it will ask the question – but it really doesn’t want the answer. When it does receive the answer, it is like a shady lawyer looking for the loop hole to back out.  The ego by its very nature does not Trust Life. It resists life. It fights with what is happening in your life right now moment by moment. Ego wants everything to be different. If you were in paradise – EGO would find something to complain about – it’s too sunny here – those bird sounds drive me crazy – that angel over there is full of herself .

When you trust life – you trust the circumstances of your life. One thing you can take to the bank. One thing you can count on – is whatever you are going through right now is about deepening your relationship with your own Soul. The challenges you are going through right now are forcing you to Trust. The universe is pinning you down and saying “ surrender to me” and i will continue pinning you down until you give up trying to control your life. 

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