As humans, one of our major wounds and blind spot is our inability to Trust. We can’t trust in the Future. We believe if we have enough money, qualifications, the right job, the right partner, the right place to live – only then can we place our trust in the future.



We can’t trust other people – not really. We relate to one another with our guard up and with our armor on. Expecting them to one day hurts us so we better protect ourselves from getting hurt.

We don’t trust God. We maybe afraid of God – Worship God – Believe in God – but Trust in GOD – no way – that is crazy. I will only go so far with this God business.

To not Trust – has become a badge of honor for most people – it has become the new normal. It is cool to be cold and cynical.

What is Trust?

Most people think to trust is to appease the Mind – do things according to your ego – we need to make the MIND TRUST. The mind wants to see a certain number in your bank account. The MIND wants to see that you have a job. The MIND wants to see you with a committed Partner. The MIND wants to see that your body is healthy and young. The MIND Is always focused on your External World – well if all of these things are in place out here – Then i will let you Trust Life. That is the promise of the mind – do these things and then we Trust. Has that worked for you? No because the Mind is a fickle friend. Once you do acheive these things – say a certain number in your savings – then there is the fear of losing it. The MIND will never feel safe – it will not allow you to trust – because it is based on the illusion of Maya – this external reality which is temporary – it is always changing.

Ok what approach do i take to Trust?

Real Trust involves the Physical Body. Trust is knowing without a doubt that whatever happens in your life – you will be ok – you will land on your feet. That is Trust. So this means that your body has to feel this deep relaxation in your life.

Remember the MIND is not comfortable in the now – present moment which is Reality. It is in the past – it is projecting in the future based on your past. It is not here. What is here ? Your Physical Body. Which becomes tense and constricted when the mind is all over the place looking for security. This is what is called Stress.

Let’s take it further. Your physical body will not truly relax and trust until you Open Your Heart.

We humans are severely disabled without our open hearts. – it is like we are missing a limb. This planet is filled with people with shut down hearts.

How do you know that your Heart is Shut Down?

  1. Working hard and not receiving
  2. Life feels like you live in blahville – no juice or meaning – colorless
  3. You haven’t cried in a long time
  4. Strong Belief that the world is uncaring, cold and you are alone.
  5. Surrounded by people who are not giving to you – they take your attention, your time, your energy– use you for their own agenda.


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