“In childhood you have never been taught responsibility. You have been shoved and pushed and ordered. The majority of your childhood I have seen in this country is regimented. Nobody uses heart. It is all head thing. So this kind of childhood is very painful. … The child in us never grows up, and the child in us has a very strong creative complex.”  – Yogi Bhajan

It would be ludicrous to allow a small child to drive a car and yet we allow our Child Self to direct and run our lives on a daily basis. Yes, we may be fully grown adults with adult-sounding language and responsibilities but most of us do not realize that our Child Self is fully in charge creating our reality for us.

The child has not been permitted to mature and develop properly within the Piscean Age and most people do not realize that there are very few Spiritual Adults walking the planet. Now in the Aquarian Age  the Child Self must grow up  and Spiritual Bypass is not an option – meaning you can’t leap frog over this step to live your full potential in this incarnation. All patterns are encoded  in the psyche within the first 7 years of our life and will be played out continually in one or all areas of our life until healed. If you are experiencing irrational challenges in the areas of your relationships, health or money – your Child Self is sending you an urgent S.O.S.

Here are 5 Tell-tale Signs your Child Self is Running Your Life

1. Black and White Thinking – She’s Good – He’s Bad

This is the belief that certain people in your life are either all good or all bad.  The Child Self is not mature enough to see the grey areas of life. For example, even the people that you may have loved deeply at one time are now all bad and no longer worthy of your love or respect. The mind can justify any opinion with stories such as that person deceived me or they have changed for the worst and there is now something wrong with them. The Child Self cannot manage change – it is only the child that is allowed to change not the people around him/her.  The truth is in this point in our evolution, we are all a mixture of light and shadow and we are only seeing ourselves in each other.

2. Entitlement – You Owe Me

The Child Self was hurt in the past and now clings to the belief “Now I get to  ____.”  “I had a horrible childhood and now I get to do whatever I want.”

You believe you are the center of the universe and the people around you only exist to serve you. Your Child Self expects everyone to magically fulfill your every need without you ever having to express it. When people do not meet your expectations or do not do what you want, you have an adult version of a tantrum such as giving others the silent treatment, becoming passive aggressive or undermining them to others. We can play this child complex out especially with our partner or with people we view as inferior or superior to us. This is the child wanting revenge for past hurts and it is your responsibility to go deeper under the anger to the buried pain

3. Waiting to be Saved –  I Want to be Taken Care Of

Looking for a savior or white knight to come and save you from your suffering.

This can be magical thinking like when I win the lottery my financial difficulties will be over or when I meet that perfect person I will finally live happily every after.  This can also be played out in your spiritual practice. I do my yoga and meditation and now GOD should reward with good things or the flip side –  I practice to avoid being punished by GOD.  Whenever you hear yourself say, “I just want to be taken care of”  – you are in the frequency of your Child Self.  Remember all of these challenges in your life have been designed by you – and only by doing your destiny can you truly overcome them. Doing your destiny usually means facing your worst fear and moving out of your comfort zone.

4. I Will Live Forever – I Deserve it

The Child Self denies the reality of eventual physical death. You can be jeopardizing your health by treating your physical body like it will live forever by  eating unhealthy foods – especially sugar or party foods – baked goods, coke, chips, pizza, french fries, or macaroni and cheese. Or you may dabble in addictions such as  alcohol, drugs, shopping, sex or workaholism.  When the Child Self wants something – he/she wants it NOW – there is no patience and no such thing as delayed gratification.  Whenever you hear the words ,  “ I deserve it” ,  you know you are in the frequency of your Child Self.

5. Unable to Receive Feedback or Real Support – Leave Me Alone

When certain people try  to give you feedback you feel threatened and judged. This stems from being overly criticized by a parent or teacher as a child. To a child this feels like love being withheld and can feel devastating. The Child Self in order to cope will avoid all situations that risk being judged in order to not feel that pain again. That means the Child Self will keep you in isolation and prevent you from moving out of your comfort zone to do your destiny. It is important to remember that we are not separate from one another – as a humanity, we are in essence one consciousness returning back to our source.

Try this 3 min Meditation to Remove Childhood Trauma – Watch Video

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