Everyone knows someone whose dog ‘walks them’ – the dog jumps on everyone, eats garbage, barks nonstop and is in a word unruly. The dog owner usually has the sheepish look of, “Oh well what can you do? The dog does what it does’’. In truth, all the dog needs is a little discipline and leadership and it can be transformed from monster to angel. This same principle can be said for our own mind.

The mind can be like the nightmare dog, pulling us left and right with non stop thoughts and making us chew on garbage like gossip and negativity. We incessantly ‘bark’ – speaking whatever is on the mind and jumping on others with wrong assumptions and projections. Our mind was never meant to be our Master – it is the given Servant to our soul’s journey

We are now in the Information Age, our mind’s sensitivity is increasing and will not be able to manage all the information coming at us. You may already be feeling overwhelmed by your mountain of daily e-mails, Twitter, Facebook, television and cell phones. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. This information overload is only going to increase.

5 Things you can do right now to Be the Pack Leader of your own Mind.

The best and most efficient way to become the leader of your mind is to meditate. Meditation gives you a relationship with your mind otherwise you believe that you are the one thinking and get lost in the thoughts of the mind. The mind generates thousands of thoughts at the wink of an eye – that is its job. You choose what thoughts you attach yourself to.

Breathe – the mind must obey the breath – slow down your breath and slow down the mind. Inhale 10 sec, Hold 10 sec and Exhale 10 sec.

Mantra – man (mental) tra (vibration) will soothe the waves of the mind through vibration – mentally vibrate or chant out loud Sa Ta Na Ma a powerful sound current that cuts through your ego so you can experience your divinity.

Meditate go to a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation class near you – or another meditational practice.

Daily Sadhana – cultivate a daily spiritual practice for yourself. Get up early in the morning to start your day the right way — every day. Practice Kirtan Kriya Mediation for 11 mins a day – for 40 days. Follow along with this Catalyst Yogi Video.

Nature – move away from electronic gadgets, move out of the mind and look at nature: trees, sky, birds – tune into the stillness and peace.



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