Did you know that each month we have particular shadow patterns that lift from the human genome? Shadows are rooted in the frequency of fear and they get broadcasted out on the world stage.

This month we are clearing the shadow of Deafness. This is about being deaf to the voice of your own Soul – that small inner voice that has always been helping you in your life.  You can’t hear your intuition because of your noisy mind.

How do I work with this Shadow?

So to transmute this shadow,  you have to go to the root – go to what is fueling this noisy mind and face the fear. The deep fear is being different – an outcast from society.  This shadow pattern goes back deep into our ancestral memory banks held in our Junk DNA.

Historically, to be an outcast from society or the tribe meant certain death. You need others in order to survive. If you appeared different you would be blamed. ” It’s that weird woman in the wood that uses plants to heal. She caused the crops to go bad – we need to kill her.”  “She’s not like us.She doesn’t go to church and claims that GOD is everywhere. Grab the pitchforks and torches.”

The Rise of the Feminine 

Remember the bass note for 2017 is the Rise of the Feminine so these fears can prevent you from really stepping forward in your power.

The Gift

This month you will come face to face with your noisy mind. All these shadow patterns are rooted in fear but the good news is that they also contain a gift.

When you feel your fear,  the shadow is magically transformed into the gift of Insight. These are the “aha” breakthroughs that come like the rays of the sun through the darkness. The voice of the Soul rooted in love penetrates through all fear.

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