Jupiter is in Cancer until 2014 and also sits in the 39 Hexagram (provocation). This means that your emotional body is being deeply disturbed – poked to release stuck energy. This is part of our human evolution to evolve past mental awareness into the awakening emotional awareness.

In the Aquarian Age, we need to get along with other people – we all live in the same sand box (planet Earth) and there is nowhere else to go. On the spiritual path we strive to bring compassion to all of our relationships and no one wants to be that person who is intolerant of others. Yet if we are honest with ourselves – we all have negative judgements of others from time to time. So before you grab the cat o’ nine tails out and beat yourself up about it – look at the mechanics of your own mind.

What is Intolerance ?

Intolerance is an unwillingness to open your mind to other points of view. Intolerance is a deep insecurity in your Self. Intolerance is allowing your mind to project on to others what you are feeling. Intolerance is a symptom of a powerful ego attachment. Intolerance at its extreme can lead to violence.

Do you need to surround yourself with others who agree with you to feel safe in your belief system and sense of self ? Then your ego is keeping you from growing and expanding into your full potential. The mind when faced with anything that challenges it’s core belief system will dismiss it or attack it with logic. Often whether you realize it or not you take on the belief systems of your parents, grandparents and great grandparents which may or may not be aligned with your soul.

Here are some things you can do to bring more Tolerance in your Relationships with Others


You can not be tolerant of others until you are patient. The secret is that you can not be patient with others until you are patient with yourself. Where in your life are you not patient with yourself? When you are sick ? When you are not being “spiritual” ? When you can’t find a job? When things are not going your way ? As you become more comfortable with your unique awakening process you will discover that you naturally extend this gift to others.

Own your Emotional Response

If someone is irritating you – say a fundamentalist Christian – stop and listen – feel uncomfortable and resist projecting anger or judgement. This person is entitled to their point of view as long as they are not harming anyone. Often when we are faced with anything that challenges the ego – anger will surface. Resist the urge to project this emotion out to other people.

 Embrace Diversity

Many spiritual communities belief that in the Aquarian Age that we will all magically think the same, agree with one another, eat the same and even dress the same. This is not true. God is experiencing itself through many diverse forms. Sometimes you must pray to see the GOD in that person who seems so different than you.

Identify as a Spiritual Being

When the ego identifies with a religion, a nationality , a gender it will convince you – the Soul that you need to defend your point of view – your false identity. Be who you are (unique self) but refuse to identify with it – that is the doorway that the ego sneaks in that keeps you separate from others.

As a Spiritual Being you know that there is no “other” – there is only the ONE Self.

Meditate – to Create a Beautiful World

This is a beautiful meditation to practice to bring peace to all human relationships.





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