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Activate Your Spiritual Warrior

This kriya activates your 3rd Chakra and your Solar Plexus. It includes the Nabhi Kriya and the meditation for a calm heart. (31 mins)

There was a Kundalini Yogini who couldn’t seem to leave an abusive relationship. She didn’t feel strong enough to hold her boundaries so she kept going back and forth. Sh practiced this kriya and it gave her the strength, navel power and self-love to finally leave with her kids.

When you are stuck in a rut,this is the kriya you want to practice for 40 days to get you moving again.

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Heal Your Ancestral Wounds

This kriya heals your ancestral wounds inherited by you through your DNA. We often inherit phobias, neurosis and complexes from our ancestors.

All of our ancestral memory (95% so-called “junk DNA”)  must be purified in order to enter the Aquarian Age.

It includes a KY kriya to unburden your unconscious mind ( where ancestral memory is stored) and two other meditations to heal karma. (42 mins)

Release Fear

It includes a  kriya to release fear that works on the liver and kidneys as well as a powerful practice called Bowing Jaap Sahib that gives you strength and courage. Also, a Kundalini Yoga Meditation to release fear.

(58 mins)

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Release Grief 

A full Kundalni Yoga and Meditation to release Grief. If you are suffering from a loss in your life then this kriya and meditation will help you to heal.

(55 mins)

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