Through the evolutionary process, the lower frequency energies (anger, fear, revenge, and envy)  need to be transmuted into the light and this is why we are seeing so much turmoil and conflict on the planet right now.

On a personal level, these dense energies are coming up from deep within your unconscious mind to also be released.  This can create much difficulty in letting go of self-destructive habits such as smoking, drinking, eating, sugar, drugs, spending money, or self-critical thinking.

What is the fuel that drives these self-destructive habits ?

Guilt. Guilt is a restrictive emotion that keeps you in a cycle of self -punishment.

Guilt is the belief that you have done something so wrong that it is unforgivable. It is the belief that you deserve to be punished. 

Guilt keeps you in a job or role that is not aligned with your Soul’s Destiny. Guilt keeps you from standing up for yourself. Guilt has you believe that you are not worthy of good things such as abundance, excellent health and loving relationships. Guilt keeps you small and docile so that you are easily controlled by others.

“Guilt is always an additional unnecessary sin that we add on to the first mistake we make. The procedure of a wise man is to forgive himself for the mistake and not make the second mistake of feeling the crippling guilt. ” – Yogi Bhajan


Watch or listen to  this short video to learn more about how guilt keeps you stuck and trapped. Also includes a kundalini yoga meditation to release guilt.


How Does Guilt drive your choices ? Be sure to share your comments below:



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