Uranus the Great Awakener

We’re still in the eclipse season. The last eclipse is the partial solar eclipse  that happens on Aug 11st.

Uranus is now  in the Sahdow of Selfishness until September 15th. It goes Retorgrade on Tuesday Aug 7th until January 2019.

That means 7 Heavenly  Bodies  will be retrograde – Chiron, Mercury,  Neptune, Mars, Pluto, Saturn and Uranus. So this is a not so subtle sign that this is a time for us  to go within and reflect.

Uranus is liberating us from the shadow of selfishness in unexpected and surprising ways.  This shadow as well as ALL shadow patterns lead to destruction.  However we are blessed to know that there is an invisible force that is guiding us into a new Age but first we must see these shadow patterns at work.

Watch the video and your Rising, Moon and Sun Signs to learn how Uranus is trying to liberate you! Please Leave Your Comments Below:




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