*We are learning to live from the heart and this can be challenging. We are lucky to have the powerful technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to shift you at the cellular level. Practice this Meditation to Let Go of the Past (linked in the video below) and help heal the world!

Forgiveness with Catalyst Yogi

This time we are in is INTENSE. We are all being pressurized to change. We can feel it in our nervous system, our emotional system and our mental body. We are feeling the most pressure in the area of our Relationships. We have to change the way we relate to one another. We have to start to relate to one another from the heart. Not the movie version of living from the heart – the hallmark version –  this is called being overly emotional  and people who are overly emotional give the heart a bad name.

The Heart is sober, neutral and mature. The frequency of the heart knows that we are all ONE – all connected and the Heart knows how to set a healthy boundary.

People ask me all the time – how do I start living from my heart?

One excellent place to start is with the “F”Word – Forgiveness.

Don’t be one of those people who fool themselves into thinking they have forgiven. Watch this short video to learn more about living from the heart and forgiveness. Includes a powerful kundalini yoga meditation to let go of the past with a guided meditation for forgiveness.

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