“There are two fears in life. One is, What will happen to me tomorrow and what do people think of me.”

– Yogi Bhajan ( master of Kundalini Yoga)

Anyone who has been following the news lately knows we are living in an uncertain future. The economy is collapsing; people are losing their jobs in record numbers and losing their homes. There are countless stories of corruption every where you turn, bankruptcies, global warming, and people going crazy killing themselves and each other. The world can seem like utter chaos without hope or a future.

During these times it is important to look at the world symbolically.

We are entering into the Age of Aquarius ( 2012). With any new birth there comes labor pains. Right now we are seeing the labor pains on the planet.
The old Piscean structures have to collapse so that the new Aquarian Consciousness can be born. The Age of Aquarius is the age of Truth. Anything not in Truth will not exist – it has to die. Therefore old Piscean institutions like the western medical system, governments, financial systems, education etc. have to collapse to be restructured.

All this change is creating a lot of fear in people. Fear is a force. There are 2 universal forces at work here: the force of Love and the force of Fear. Fear is a lower vibrational energy that is taking us away from our source. Love is a higher vibrational energy that is taking us toward our source – who we really are.

Each and every moment you get to choose. Choose to act or react from the force of fear. Or Act from the force of love. When you act from fear, you are contracted, disconnected from your source, in your ego and will create more suffering for you and your fellow humans on the planet.

When you are connected to the force of Love, you are connected to a supreme intelligence that will guide you to make the right choice for you and everyone around you. The truth is that we are all connected, we are ONE human family of brothers and sisters on this planet. When you make your choices from love you will, by default, shift the consciousness.

The truth is the Universe is a benevolent and friendly conscious entity that is ready to serve you – you only need to trust and act from that place.

5 Ways to Let go of Fear

1. Meditate. Whenever you are overwhelmed by fear or have obsessive thoughts of fear, worry and hopelessness practice the Kundalini Yoga Meditation to release fear .

2. Take a vacation from the news. Including newspapers, television and internet. Take a vacation from negative people in your life. Surround yourself with positive and uplifting people who are committed to their healing journey. Read inspiring books.

3. Bring in the feelings of gratitude for your life right now. Count your blessings. Before you go to bed at night make it a routine to list all the things you are grateful for in the day.

4. Nurture your relationship with your divinity through a daily spiritual practice. It can be meditation, yoga, prayer, art, writing, walking in nature. Give yourself time and space for quiet reflection with your soul.

5. Stay calm and peaceful. Commit to be fully present in your life right now. Make time for others, keep your heart open. People need kindness and compassion during these challenging times.



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